Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What is a sin?

1 Corinthians 6:9-11

It is really an interesting list. They seem to be all of equal weight. He doesn't say "this is the really bad one."Here are some definitions:effeminate: not manly in appearance or mannercovetous: desirous of the possessions of another (synonym: jealous)revilers: To use abusive language; to be scornful (synonym: scold)Know anyone with any of those traits? I have them all at times. I have some effeminate traits. I covet - wish I had something that I didn't have. I get jealous. I've used abusive language and been scornful. I hope I'm not doomed. I know lots of folks that are not homosexual but are effeminate and are covetous and are scornful. Some of them sit on row one of the church or preach from the pulpit.

Joyce Meyer is effeminate. She seems to be somewhat covetous given her lifestyle and I've heard her be scornful right from the pulpit. I hope she is not doomed too. We would probably be together.

One more observation: Can women be effeminate? He didn't say he was only speaking to men did he? We "assume" that he talking about men, but it doesn't say that. Who is he writting this letter to? Why didn't he include lesbians being masculine in his list? Just making an observation.The list is really interesting in that it doesn't include some sins that I would consider far worse than any of those.Murder, rape, child abuse for example. It doesn't even list all of the 10 commandments. If I was God I'd send a child abuser to hell before I'd send a homosexual. Maybe they'll both be there. Maybe not. If I was God and had to list the worst sins I'd have murder at the top followed by sexual abuse of a child. I just might even put the sexual abuse at the top of this list. I can not stand anyone hurting children.Homosexuality would be down the list a ways. Jesus did say that didn't he? His list seemed be slightly different than Paul's. Children: Of such is the Kingdom. Abuse one of them and you'd wish you had never been born. Jesus said that. I'm glad I'm not God. Paul seems to have a different list than I'd use.I'm glad I'm not Paul. I'm sure he knew what he was saying. It just confuses me a bit. I'm glad confusion is not a sin.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Christian Singles Info

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Friday, August 15, 2008

So you’ve decided to try Christian Personals. Great! Now, lets think safety.

Most online Christian personals, dating sites and jave some online safety dating tips, However, since none of these Christian dating sites can 100% guarantee that your next date will not be a scammer.

Tip 1

Find some Christian friends who would be willing to offer dating tip advice and accountability. You can be accountable to them, and them to you. On your first meeting with your new date make sure your friends know where you are and who are you are with. Arrange a phone call at a specified time so that they know you are OK.

Tip 2

Take thing slow. Use the online services for as long as you need to get to know someone. Use email, the chat room etc. Take your time. If someone is pushing you for private information too soon, let that be red flag. Slow is good.

We'll add more safety tips in the next post.

Be sure to visit a very safe, warm, comfortable Christian singles site.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

11 year old healed

11-Year-Old Girl Diagnosed With Massive Brain Tumor Healed after Prayer and Laying on of Hands
Teresa Neumann (August 9, 2008)
"He said it's got to be a mistake, it has to be. We are going to schedule another test, there is no way its just gone and just the whole time he is stuttering and there is just this look on his face like I don't understand. I don't know. We did another one and it was gone and his words were it was truly a miracle, this has to be the act of God."
(Tyler, Texas)—KLTV News reports that 11-year-old Kayla Knight has received a miraculous healing after an MRI showed a tumor that was covering nearly one-fourth of her brain.

"We prayed," said her mother Amy, who described the severe headaches her daughter had been experiencing.
"We both hit our knees and we were praying. That was actually on a Wednesday so when we got to church we had a good 30 people or more lay hands on her and it just.... you could feel God. I can't say we prayed as much before. I mean we did...but not like this. Not like we do now."
Two days later, doctors sent Kayla to Baylor Hospital in Dallas where she had another MRI. Kayla's mother said the doctor told her the tumor had disappeared. (Photo: KLTV 7 News)
"He said it's got to be a mistake, it has to be. We are going to schedule another test, there is no way its just gone and just the whole time he is stuttering and there is just this look on his face like 'I don't understand. I don't know.' We did another one and it was gone and his words were it was truly a miracle, this has to be the act of God," said Amy.
The single mother added, "I have never been as comfortable in my faith as I am right now. The best way to describe it, I was a mediocre Christian. To be honest. I mean I went to church, the mundane thing. You do this and you do that and you think, 'Okay, I'm going to Heaven.' Looking back now, I don't know that I would have. I know I will now. I know this has opened my eyes and I think maybe God used that to make us better Believers. To make us fully depend on Him."
Click on the link provided to watch a video of Kayla and her mother explaining her miracle.
Source: Clint Yeatts - KLTV News

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