Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Water into wine

Topic: Was the water turned into wine fermented ? a brother asks whether the wine produced by the Lord from water was alcoholic or not.This was the first miracle our Lord performed. I wonder if brothers and sisters here would share with me their understandings of this miracle.For me, I see here the blessing of marriage. That is the LORD wants His children to get married and He would be present and bless marriages between His children provided they are under His will and in His Name . I see also a message of LOVE. the Lord cares about our everyday needs. These people were having a party and at some point they did not have enough wine to let the party continue. So He intervened for His children because He loves them and cares for their needs. Thus the Lord wants us to be happy, to celebrate and have good time together. Notice that the Lord did not tell them "Okay guys, you had enough drink for now". The message here is that He leaves it to us to set up our limits, I am sure there were fun and dancing going on and the Lord did not mind that. But He would have minded if people got totally drunk and start misbehave.I also see an example of obedience to our parents. Even though He question His mother's request, nonetheless He performed the miracle. I used to discuss this miracle with the kids at the Sunday Kids liturgy that I animate, and you would be surprised of answers and ideas kids can come up with. I think we can all learn from each others, and sometimes the kids can teach us things about the Lord that we cannot see.Anyone wishes to share ideas on this wonderful miracle ? Thank you and Blessings

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