Thursday, April 26, 2007

Online Christian Dating

Christian Internet dating allows people with a belief in God and the Bible to find others with same or similar beliefs and principles. When considering this option, a person might get lost in a reverie, thinking back to the days of courtship when the guy would let his girl wear his class sweater, when he would carry her books, and when they included their parents in on their relationship. This old-fashioned concept has been reintroduced with a modern twist. The same values are there- just hyped up with a touch of technology. Christian net dating is something that many Christians have sought as an alternative to going out and meeting people. Sometimes people find it hard to meet others who share their same values, interests, and beliefs. The places that they could possibly meet people don't assure the same core thoughts about God. Unless the people meet at church or at a Christian place, the chances of meeting other Christians might be slim.

There are many websites that cater to Christians with the desire to meet others. These sites want people to know that there are places to meet those who love Jesus, people who are dedicated and desire to follow Him with a whole heart. Genesis 2:18 states, "And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him." God is in the business of matching His people up-one man to one woman. He uses all different sets of circumstances to have peoples' paths cross and get to know their future spouse. God can use Christian Internet dating, just like He can work through friends to introduce people. However a person chooses to view this service, Christian Singles Dating can be a great thing for the right people.

There are mature sites that cater to older audiences. For example, there might be Christian net dating sites that help seniors to meet one another. They might have been married before and then lost their spouse. They still have a desire for companionship and have turned to Christian Internet dating to help them find that potential person. These dating sites try to make the process of finding someone simple and laid back. The individual does not have to worry about looking good or being physically appealing to others in a profile. People will see the individual for who they are and that is the best part, being all that God created them to be, and to find that person that will accept this.

Anyone with morals and principles founded on the Bible and God's love can utilize these organizations and websites to meet others. It is important for someone to pray that the Lord will direct them to the right Christian net dating sites and that they will be wise when meeting new people. A person should always look to glorify God in relationships, especially those they can connect with through Online Christian Dating.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tips to Create a Great Profile

So, how do you avoid your profile being dull, boring and lifeless? How does
the potential love of your life find you?

Here's seven simple tips to help:-

Get a good photo to post on your profile

Choose your username with care. If you want your username to say something
about you great, if not, just go for something simple.

Always be positive, no moans or groans about past relationships.

Write factual information - not subjective. So write about your job, places you've
lived or travelled to, information about family and pets.

Don't write about what characteristics you don't want in a partner, but write about
the attributes that you would like.

Write like you talk - talk about who you are.

Revise your profile regularly and check for spelling mistakes.

Remember to read the information for each of the profile boxes you complete - read a few
profiles on the site to get an idea of what each box is for.

Write in your own distinct voice - don't copy anyone elses style - and let them see the real

Friday, April 13, 2007

A Few Online Dating Tips!

You want to make sure that your profile is completed, fully. You want your profile to proprerly display 'You'. You almost always want a photo, many members won't even consider your profile wthout a photo.

Almost every singles sites tell you to never include your email address or other contact information in your profile. This is for YOUR protection. If you post any personal contact information on your profile then EVERYONE who views your profile has that information. You are open to spam mail, scammers, or ever worse, fraud. It is definetaly important to keep your email address, phone numbers, and any other personal information confidential until you are ready.

Online dating companies, such as, have a free trial. A free trial is probably the most helpful. The thrid tip we have for you is to make sure that you want to buy a membership. You never want to by something that won't work or doesn't seem worth the money. With a free trial you can find out what to expect and even get started with meeting other singles.

Single Christian Network

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sucess at

So many members over the years have found lasting love online. Don't think it's possible to find true love online? Think Again!!!

Check out the success stories and try Online Christian Dating for yourself:

"I have met the man I am going to marry.. please take off my profile and send me a message so I know this has been done!! Thankyou!!!" - N.S.

"With praise to God, I have met a woman and we are ready to be involved in a serious relationship. I would like to delete my ad from your site." - M.M.

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Christian Dating on

The Internet is home to some fantastic online dating sites. They cover a wide range of ethnic and interest ranges but one of the strongest areas happens to be Christian Dating sites. There are a number of dating sites in the market, but they are also quite varied in what they offer to single Christians looking for love. The question is, which one is right for you?

Faith is important to many people but it’s hard to tell at a bar on a Saturday night those who share your beliefs from those who don’t. Sure, you can meet people in church, but one small congregation may not provide enough good connections to find your soulmate. I know mine certainly didn’t. If you’re seeking a solid Christian relationship, you might need to reach out to one of the many Christian dating sites out there.

A top rated Christian dating site is This site remains one of the most popular destinations for Christian singles because it has built a truly wonderful community based on faith. Above all else, I take my hat off to SingleC for the many features they have. You can write and read issues in the forums, create and join groups or even chat in online chat rooms. It is one of the most vast and impressive sites on the market, and you can even date! The question is, will you be one of the many who have decided to find a Christian Relationship on SingleC?

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Why Do You Need a Christian Dating Service?

So do wonder to yourself, "Why do I need a Christian dating service?"

There are a few good answers for that question. First, with a non-Christian dating site you will spend almost too much time narrowing down your fellow Christians. With other sites you also run into too much adult content and just plain junk.

With a good Christian Dating Service you will be able to avoid all the nosense and just start talking to members just like you. No more writing back members and telling them that you just want Christians and wasting your valuable time. You can then spend more time on looking for your soulmate.

Another big advantage to using Christian Dating is that it's easier to navigate. Most Christian sites have a more simple and comfortable menu. Plus with most Christian sites you get some of the most polite support team. Having  the nice support is better then you think, you can feel very free to ask them any question you have.

You can find a great Christian dating website here, at