Saturday, May 12, 2007

Men are Pigs

Catchy title?

I read something the other day, this is not an exact quote, but this is what it meant:

"Why do men divorce women? Because men are pigs!
Why do women divorce men? Because men are pigs!"

At first I thought, "how silly." But as I explored further, I think this is mainly true in American culture.
A man will divorce his wife and move on to another life, and society will say, "That creep!"
Women will divorce her husband and move on and society will say, "Right on!" "We just want you to be happy." "We are glad you finally left that creep."

Of course, this is generalization. But my own experience and observations confirm to me that this is largely true.

Do you agree with this? If so, why is it? Please note: I'm not refering to what should be a Biblical/Christian attitude toward divorce, but what is the attitude of society in general.

I experienced this in my own divorce 2 1/2 years ago. My wife left and suddenly all of our friends, much of family and the community left with her. All of her family - that I loved much - disappeared. She moved out and suddenly I felt like a pariah in my own neighborhood. “What did he do to cause her to leave?” I could almost hear them whispering. Friendly neighbors turned distant. I knew of many that said to her something like, "We just want you to be happy. Do what you have to do."

I knew that if she had died her family would have visited me daily. They would have brought me food. Called me. Comforted me. Her/our friends as well would have done the same. My neighbors would have been at the door to help. But because she divorced rather than died, suddenly those family and friends dropped off the face of the earth.

What do you think?

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Monday, May 07, 2007

Christian Love

Christian singles involved in online
Christian dating services are in desperate need of a reminder to pay attention
to what is love, and what is not. The most common misconception members have is
that love is feelings and an excitement caused by another single Christian's
presence. it is most likely to be infatuation, lust, and self-indulgence. The
experience that many Christian singles refer to as love is exactly the opposite.

There is excitement from a new Christian
relationship, or just in meeting other single Christians of the
opposite sex. This thrill is not love, but the human drive to be connected with

Christian singles need to realize that love is not always fun. The real test
of Christian love comes when sacrafices are
shared and used to deepen the relationship. If a couple has not have any
challenges in their relationship, they have not arrived at the cornerstone to
love. It is in the hardships that love begins to mold the two into a real
Christian relationship.

Love is a commitment built upon trust, proven over time to build
compatibility and mutually serving interest and growth. It seeks the best
possible conditions for the other person’s benefit, sometimes at one’s own
expense. It is not selfish, crying for attention, and complaining when things do
not go their way.(Corinthians chapter 13)

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

More and More SingleC Success!

I married a man who also was a member of You just never know who you will end up with.
Actually, he sent me an email first. He was living in Germany (army) at the time and I thought "well, nothing is going to happen with this guy but I'll just write him back to be polite". Well, that led to talking on the phone to a visit from him from Germany to my visiting him in Germany. He retired from the army and found a great job in the U.S. So we went to the courthouse there. I also signed the papers yesterday to sell my house. Tell your members that you just don't know how God will work in your life. Don't close your doors to anyone just because of circumstances because God can change them real quick. I'm so glad that I joined your site. I knew, that I knew, that I knew, when I joined your site, that I would meet a man who I could marry. Just knowing that I was on your christian site made it much easier for me ito date. Much easier. Thanks again for being a great site and helping me along when I needed you.


I cancelling my membership for the best of reasons. I met my current fiancee/future wife here. We\'ve had a romance that spans three continents and are getting married in July. We both thank God for bringing us together and thank this website for making it possible.

God bless you and I pray that you bring other couples together into truly wonderful relationships where the Lord is the center of everything.


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