Monday, November 05, 2007

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Are you looking for Christian singles with the same beliefs, ideas, and views as you?

SingleC is a great free Christian dating site made up of Christian singles all in search of Christian dating, pen pals, love and eventually marriage. This site allows Christian singles to meet and greet other like minded singles that share similar Christian values and beliefs.

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    Christian Love

    Christian Love

    Christian Singles involved in online Christian dating services are in desperate need of a reminder to pay attention to what is love, and what is not. The most common misconception members have is that love is feelings and an excitement caused by another single Christian's presence. it is most likely to be infatuation, lust, and self-indulgence. The experience that many Christian singles refer to as love is exactly the opposite.

    There is excitement from a new Christian dating relationship, or just in meeting other single Christians of the opposite sex. This thrill is not love, but the human drive to be connected with another.

    Christian singles need to realize that love is not always fun. The real test of Christian love comes when sacrafices are shared and used to deepen the relationship. If a couple has not have any challenges in their relationship, they have not arrived at the cornerstone to love. It is in the hardships that love begins to mold the two into a real Christian relationship.

    Love is a commitment built upon trust, proven over time to build compatibility and mutually serving interest and growth. It seeks the best possible conditions for the other person’s benefit, sometimes at one’s own expense. It is not selfish, crying for attention, and complaining when things do not go their way.(Corinthians chapter 13)

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